Tundra Restaurant SupplyCutting digital marketing costs and increasing ROI

Company Overview

Tundra Restaurant Supply is the leading distributor of food service equipment, supplies and parts to innovative restaurant concepts. For over 20 years, Tundra has cultivated and nurtured lasting relationships with prominent and respected industry leaders by helping brands build long-term growth strategies. Through a powerful network of logistics, services and technology platforms, Tundra Restaurant Supply is equipped to creatively tackle the challenges of today’s restaurants.

The Situation

  • Wanted to expand its digital marketing strategy beyond AdWords
  • Had been using a feed provider that didn’t offer enough analytics and technological functionalities

In 2007, Tundra Restaurant Supply started to put a larger focus on its website business to sell an assortment of food service supplies, equipment and parts to restaurants. To drive traffic to its website and increase brand awareness, the company implemented a business-to-business digital marketing strategy that focused on reaching customers and prospects using Google AdWords.

“AdWords was the only ad platform we were using to generate brand awareness. We needed to cast a wider net by taking a broader digital marketing approach,” said Don Moyer, senior online marketing strategist at Tundra Restaurant Supply.

To advertise its products across more online channels, Tundra Restaurant Supply worked on optimizing its product feed. But the company soon realized that it lacked the tools, functionalities and insights to properly monitor data and adjust to frequent industry changes.

“The technology we were using to send feeds to Google Shopping, Shopzilla and Nextag wasn’t robust,” said Moyer. “We were looking for software that could manage our feed and give us access to data and analytics so that we could adjust our bidding, cut costs and drive more revenue.”

The Solution

  • ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing to build a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and implement real-time analytics

Tundra Restaurant Supply began using ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing to promote its products across more search and comparison shopping engines. Tundra Restaurant Supply used ChannelAdvisor’s software to manage its product feed on Google, Yahoo, Bing and more.

“It’s really easy to manage our data feed with ChannelAdvisor. We send one feed to the ChannelAdvisor platform, and it’s configured to advertise on a plethora of comparison shopping and search engines,” said Moyer.

ChannelAdvisor’s actionable reporting helps Tundra Restaurant Supply track campaign performance at a granular level. The company uses ChannelAdvisor reports to decide where to adjust bids and reduce spend. Making these important decisions based on performance metrics helps Tundra Restaurant Supply create better ROI for each product it’s advertising on digital marketing channels.

“Previously, we couldn’t see how individual products were performing on search and comparison shopping engines,” said Moyer. “ChannelAdvisor provides very detailed data so we can measure return on ad spend down to the SKU level. I use all the features that ChannelAdvisor offers to make real-time decisions about how we’re bidding on certain products. I can see which products are driving sales, as well as which aren’t creating conversions and are ultimately costing us money.”

As Yahoo rolled out Gemini, its unified search and native advertising format, Tundra Restaurant Supply used ChannelAdvisor’s Flex Feed technology to transition its keywords to the new ad format and start advertising on Yahoo Gemini.

“We’re seeing pretty strong ROI with Yahoo Gemini, and I expect that our return will only continue to climb as we drive more impression share to the channel,” said Steve Trujilo, senior marketing strategist for PPC at Tundra Restaurant Supply.

The Results

Since using ChannelAdvisor, Tundra Restaurant Supply has increased its digital marketing revenue by approximately 60%, and the company is seeing a 5-to-1 return on advertising spend (ROAS) from its advertising campaigns. Tundra Restaurant Supply has also been able to reduce its overall digital marketing spend, specifically on Google Shopping. The company uses the money it saves to expand to new digital marketing channels and increase bids on other advertising campaigns.

“By cutting so much of our Google Shopping spend this year, we’ve been able to spend more money testing other channels,” said Moyer.

After using ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing to create Yahoo Gemini search and native ads, Tundra Restaurant Supply developed a mobile-friendly website and started to increase its mobile spend on Gemini. “Now that our mobile-responsive website has launched, we’re increasing our bids for mobile advertising channels,” said Trujilo.

Tundra Restaurant Supply

Location:Boulder, CO

Web: https://www.etundra.com/

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