SpyTec700% increase in updated items

Company Overview

SpyTec was founded to sell the highest-quality, state-of-the-art spy and surveillance gear. Since then, the company has expanded to sell a wide variety of items in other categories. Known as “security gear experts,” SpyTec also services customers with different needs and requirements. For over 10 years, their focus has been on providing exceptional customer service and offering the best products based on each customer’s specific needs.

The Situation

As a global company, SpyTec was manually managing product information, including pricing modules, breakeven prices and shipping calculations, for each item in its catalog. SpyTec required an automated solution to help more efficiently run these complicated business rules. Specifically, the company was looking to calculate the breakeven price into local currencies for SKUs that are not converted. They also needed to update the breakeven price field with the calculated breakeven price.

“We felt there was a large gap in what we needed to do to update our products with specific international information. As our product catalog continues to grow, we needed a more reliable process for updating currency conversion rules and shipping rates, regulating business rules, and calculating breakeven prices. Our process was not working in terms of making updates and the frequency of those updates,” says Yatri Trivedi, chief information officer, SpyTec.

The Solution

SpyTec’s ChannelAdvisor account manager suggested they implement Automated Tasks to streamline targeted updates to thousands of products to ensure the most accurate information is shared.

ChannelAdvisor’s Automated Tasks offers the ability to automate business rules to schedule changes across different marketplaces and webstores. The feature helps sellers quickly and easily capture marketplace data, build calculations and implement pricing adjustments to meet an item’s breakeven price. The automation also allows sellers to schedule those changes to dynamically take place in their account without having to lift a finger – saving them valuable time and money.

The Results

Within a week of launching ChannelAdvisor’s Automated Tasks, SpyTec went from updating approximately 1,000 items to over 8,000 items across their Australia and Canada accounts in the same time frame. They are currently updating 20,000 items every 12 hours and have not encountered problems or issues.

“What this tool has enabled us to do is turn something that we had difficulty managing manually into a reliable, automated process,” Trivedi explains. “ChannelAdvisor’s Automated Tasks has increased our efficiency and freed up our time, allowing us to focus on projects that require more attention. Because the updates occur on schedule, I can set it and forget it. This means that I can spend my time where it’s most needed.”

Trivedi says other advantages to Automated Tasks are its implementation and adaptability. “The tool is easy to set-up and use. As new data comes in from our vendors, we can quickly and easily update product feeds throughout the day. Fine tuning the data helps ensure that we are responding to changes in the marketplace. It’s reassuring to know that ChannelAdvisor’s Automated Tasks never fails – it just runs.”


Location:New York, New York

Web: http://www.spytecinc.com/

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