Scarpetta ShoesSteps Out on International Marketplaces and Grows Sales 1000%

Company Overview

Founded in 2009, Scarpetta Shoes is an e-commerce retailer for women’s designer shoes at discount prices. The factor that differentiates Scarpetta Shoes from the average shoe retailer is a particular emphasis on value and a dedication to each customer getting the best value on shoes. Scarpetta Shoes sells all styles of womens shoes from over 200 designer brands, such as Michael Kors, Steve Madden and Kate Spade.

The Situation

Scarpetta Shoes sold solely on its website. While the business grew, its management realized they were potentially missing opportunities only found on marketplaces. “In order to continue to grow the business, we knew we had to look beyond our website as the only way for customers to buy,” said Alex Rodriguez, operations manager at Scarpetta Shoes. “Our website was our first foray into online selling, but just selling on one site was limiting our ability to grow.”

The company began to sell on eBay and Amazon but, without accurate inventory management, often oversold items. “Many marketplaces are very strict when it comes to cancelling an order. Overselling items is not only a huge hassle, it could cause us to incur penalties by the marketplaces or even worse to be kicked off the marketplace,” continued Rodriguez.

The use of a low-cost integrator to connect to eBay, Amazon and Rakuten worked, but didn’t solve many of the problems the company was experiencing. “We were limited in the ways we could automate and limited in the number of marketplaces we could sell to. The integrator we were using was cheaper than other providers and over time we found out why. We could only connect to a handful of marketplaces, which limited our potential,” said Rodriguez.

The Solution

Even though Scarpetta Shoes saved money with its initial investment in marketplace integration by using a lower-end provider, its managers were unhappy with the results. Ultimately, they turned to ChannelAdvisor. “Once we made the switch to ChannelAdvisor we were able to sell to 19 additional marketplaces and grew our sales immediately,” noted Rodriguez.

With ChannelAdvisor, Scarpetta Shoes was able to upload new products and list them on 22 different marketplaces within hours. By syncing inventory across its webstore and marketplaces, it also avoided a nagging issue of overselling. Rodriguez and her team also gained the added functionality of lockup lists and business rules to help control the automation of day-to-day aspects of marketplace business operations.

The Results

Scarpetta Shoes reports that from January 2017 to December 2017, their international sales grew over 1000%. These results were made possible through marketplace expansion with the company selling on an additional 19 marketplaces after turning to ChannelAdvisor.

“Choosing ChannelAdvisor was one of the best decisions we have ever made for the business,” stated Rodriguez.

Scarpetta Shoes

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