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Company Overview

Consumers who are committed to healthy living certainly know PureFormulas. PureFormulas is a leader in the online health supplement space, distributing GMP-certified quality products, including dietary supplements, organic food, beauty products, sports nutrition supplements, and pet products. PureFormulas is committed to helping its customers live life pure, featuring a secure and friendly online shopping experience providing free shipping for more than 40,000 products. The company’s professionals work with nutritionists and healthcare advisors to keep up-to-date with healthcare trends. PureFormulas has been recognized for outstanding customer service five years in a row with the Bizrate Circle of Excellence Award, and has ranked consistently on Internet Retailer's annual list of Top 500 online retailers

The Situation

You might think that a company so deeply in tune with customer needs would have maxed out on growth opportunities. But in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, new doors to expansion are always opening. In PureFormulas’ case, one of those floodgates came in the form of Facebook dynamic ads.

The company's executives have always been eager to explore opportunities to sell on emerging channels and marketplaces, from paid search to comparison shopping engines and more. So when ChannelAdvisor suggested dynamic product ads, PureFormulas didn't hesitate.

To increase the visibility of its products PureFormulas implemented ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing and quickly redefined its search engine marketing campaigns. The e-retailer understood that adding Facebook and Jet to its marketing mix could extend its reach to a core customer base.

“When we see an opportunity to sell on an emerging channel or marketplace, we try to get on board quickly,” said John Tsokos, Director of Emerging Channels at PureFormulas. “Making our products visible on Facebook and Jet seemed like a great way for us to get in front of our target demographic, each in their own way.”

The Solution

Facebook dynamic ads allow PureFormulas to serve timely, relevant display and retargeting ads to users across a variety of devices. By targeting consumers who have already visited the website and researched its products, PureFormulas can follow up with perfectly-placed ads at just the right time.

“We love the fact that we innovate together and challenge each other to stay ahead of (and embrace) change,” Chief Marketing Officer Daniel Moure said of the company’s six-year relationship with ChannelAdvisor. “Overall, we have a great partnership.”

In the case of Facebook dynamic ads, those collaborative innovations are paying off with some seriously strong initial results.

The Results

“To date, the metrics have been outstanding,” Moure said. “We’re excited to continue the Facebook opportunity just because our results to date have been tremendous.”

In addition to an average order value (AOV) lift around 36%, Facebook dynamic ads have also led to a 38% decrease in cost per click and a 125% increase in clickthrough rate.

Moure attributes those initial successes—the goal was to start slow and measure results before ramping up efforts—to a cadence of weekly calls and quarterly meetings with ChannelAdvisor, where specialists are always on hand to advise and collaborate.

“The relationship is six years old but still feels full of energy and excitement. I really like the fact that [ChannelAdvisor] spends time evaluating...what we want to do, and what our goals are. They’re there every step of the way.”

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