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Company Overview

Founded in 1980 as a small country store, Plow & Hearth® has grown into a leading retailer of products for home, hearth, yard and garden. Successfully marketing these products through all three major channels: catalog, online and retail stores – Plow & Hearth has evolved over years into a multi-million dollar retailer whose products cover indoor and outdoor rooms, gardens, pets, personal comfort and care, safety and emergencies, weather instruments, storage solutions and gifts. Having just celebrated its 30th anniversary, Plow & Hearth has grown to include a family of brands: HearthSong, MagicCabin, Wind & Weather, ProblemSolvers and WinterthurStore.

The Situation

Growing and transitioning in order to reach its full potential as a home and lifestyle company, Plow & Hearth developed its own website in 1998, joining the growing world of e-commerce. Upon the addition of five new brands, it became imperative that the company maintain a strong presence across all online channels to keep up with the competition and successfully expand the business. Without doubt, Plow & Hearth knew it would need assistance ramping up and staying current on search and shopping channels. Finding a solution provider that could manage its campaigns while Plow & Hearth focused on other facets of the business was crucial for increased success.

“Staying up-to-date and competitive in the e-commerce world is an important factor in the continued growth of Plow & Hearth. We needed a software partner with extensive knowledge and forethought in the industry to take our e-commerce business to the next level,” said Plow & Hearth Senior Online Marketing Manager Jessica Baines.


The Solution

Plow & Hearth was using ChannelAdvisorRich Media to power its interactive catalog. Unhappy with previous software providers and in need of a higher level of service, Plow & Hearth signed on for ChannelAdvisor Managed Digital Marketing. ChannelAdvisor’s ability to produce website traffic and conversions, keep data feeds up to date and measure performance across all engines distinguished the ChannelAdvisor platform from the competition.

The managed level of service is ideal for such a large company with many moving parts; ChannelAdvisor’s Managed Services team now oversees all aspects of Plow & Hearth’s multiple campaigns. The services experts for Digital Marketing offer Plow & Hearth proper inventory data feed setup (for 54 feeds), baseline tracking, category mapping, promotional updates, product data enhancements, profitability and budget management, weekly status calls as well as quarterly account planning and strategy.

While Plow & Hearth entrusts these duties to ChannelAdvisor, the company is also able to leverage key features of the software solutions on its own. The Cross-Channel Dashboard feature allows Plow & Hearth to view data by date, week, month or quarter, comparing sales and trends across all comparison shopping engines. Additionally, this reporting tool provides performance graphs for improved visibility, along with Multichannel Assists Tracking, which deciphers where the buyer initiated a product search. Having its campaigns executed by ChannelAdvisor, while having the capability to view all results, is a powerful attribute of Managed Services that fosters greater transparency, efficiency and productivity for Plow & Hearth.

The Results

“We were extremely impressed with ChannelAdvisor’s level of service and speed to market despite all our brands and handling of each brand’s multiple feeds during the holiday season in which all this transpired. Even now, after the launch and being in market, I continue to be pleasantly surprised by ChannelAdvisor’s responsiveness, proactive strategic recommendations and industry knowledge,” said Baines.

Ramping up quickly and efficiently on ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing produced fast and quantitative results for the home and lifestyle company. In 2011, Plow & Hearth’s comparison shopping fourth quarter revenue grew 87% over the previous year. Specifically, the Plow & Hearth brand realized the most significant comparison shopping revenue increase by 126%, a clear example of the benefits of ChannelAdvisor’s Digital Marketing and Managed Services.


Plow & Hearth

Location:Madison, Virginia


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