PerformanceParts.comApproaching International Sales at Full Throttle

Company Overview is an automotive performance parts and truck accessories online hub that sells high-quality brands and products in the performance aftermarket. The company has 22 locations from Florida to Oregon to Canada, where the company warehouses more than $75 million of high-quality performance inventory that’s shipped all over the world. The team includes knowledgeable performance specialists with decades of experience purchasing and marketing various brands.’s employees have experience working with NASCAR, the International Hot Rod Association and the National Hot Rod Association.

The Situation began selling online via marketplaces five years ago — primarily on Amazon and eBay because those marketplaces are tailored to the automotive vertical. The company quickly saw that marketplaces offered a promising channel to reach more consumers online and expand beyond the US. After launching on eBay Motors, quickly generated interest from consumers in other countries.

As’s business picked up on eBay Motors, the company started to run into inventory management issues and found it difficult to update its product listings and track orders from so many locations. “We built a strong e-commerce business, but we struggled to keep pace with the flood of orders we were receiving,” said Greg Griffith, general manager. “We needed support with inventory so we could keep up with product listings and our repricing strategy.”

The company began using an e-commerce software solution provider but never got the results it desired. “The provider we were using wasn’t working out,” said Griffith. “We couldn’t get the software up and running. They weren’t a good fit and couldn’t meet our needs, so we started to look elsewhere.”

The Solution

Griffith read about ChannelAdvisor in an Internet Retailer article, and he decided to explore ChannelAdvisor’s e-commerce platform. After some evaluation, started using ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces to increase its product visibility across multiple channels, manage orders and control inventory.

ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces allowed to automate its product listings, track inventory and adjust existing data and pricing as needed. “We jumped on board and started loading inventory through ChannelAdvisor right away,” said Griffith. “We quickly saw the benefits of using the software. Since launching on ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces, we’ve increased our SKUs by 600% on eBay Motors.”

As’s e-commerce business took off, the company began receiving significant order requests from overseas. The company began using the eBay Global Shipping Program (GSP) to ship items from its domestic warehouses and deliver products to international buyers. “We knew international e-commerce was coming and that emerging markets were really going to expand,” said Griffith. “We started selling internationally using eBay GSP, which made it easy to sell globally by helping us with logistics. All we had to do was supply the products and sell them.”

Additionally, started selling on emerging marketplaces such as Newegg and Sears. “We’ve launched on several new marketplaces with ChannelAdvisor, and each new marketplace has helped us meet a specific niche,” said Griffith. “We started selling a lot of windshield wipers and cleaning products on Newegg that we typically don’t sell on other marketplaces. On Sears, we sell mostly batteries, battery chargers and toolboxes for trucks.”

The Results

Since it started using ChannelAdvisor to manage its marketplace listings, has increased its sales by more than 250% year over year. Since implementing the eBay Global Shipping Program, has increased its international sales by well over 100%.

“We’ve greatly improved our performance on third-party marketplaces and grown our international sales since working with ChannelAdvisor,” said Griffith. “We’ve increased our product quantity by approximately 483% across all channels, which resulted in a huge lift in sales, especially on Amazon and eBay. We also began listing inventory on eBay Canada, and that’s created a significant amount of revenue for us.”

Since the company began focusing on growing its international business, has found that it sells a large percentage of its products to Russia and the UK. “EBay Motors and other marketplaces have helped us meet demand in other countries that differ from what’s popular in the US,” said Griffith. “We wouldn’t have been able to successfully expand our international reach without ChannelAdvisor.”

ChannelAdvisor’s customer service has been a valuable asset to as well. “One thing we really enjoy about working with ChannelAdvisor is that we can send them a request about an issue we’re having, and they respond and solve the issue in no time,” said Griffith. “We don’t have to worry about cases being handled. Additionally, I rely on ChannelAdvisor for questions beyond just programming. I go to ChannelAdvisor for general e-commerce questions or insight on marketplaces.”

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