Patiojoy: Marketplace Presence Explodes to Include More Than 20 Platforms Across the Globe

Company Overview

Patiojoy, founded in the furniture manufacturing hub of Ningbo just south of Shanghai, began with traditional business-to-business foreign trade in 1998. In 2008, the company became one of the first Chinese companies to sell to the US on Amazon. After launching in the US market, it began a global expansion, eventually selling in Germany, France, the UK, Japan, Australia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Italy and Poland.

The company has launched several other brands, which are sold through successful partnerships with Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Kogan, MyDeal and several other marketplaces. The brand reports that it serves more than 5 million customers every month and fulfils approximately 5,000 orders daily via localised websites.

According to Patiojoy, they manage approximately 10,000 SKUs, primarily consisting of mid-range products across a variety of categories, from gardening to sporting goods, and their average customer spends between USD $140-150 per transaction.

The Situation

Although the company sold its products on Amazon, eBay and Sears, it began looking into other marketplaces with shoppers who would likely be interested in its products. Marketplaces such as, and Target+ seemed ideal, but Patiojoy reports that joining their seller networks was not easy to accomplish. Patiojoy says the company realised that it needed to improve its listing capabilities and select a platform built on significant depth and experience in the e-commerce industry to gain access to invitation-only marketplaces such as Walmart and Target+. Patiojoy’s e-commerce team says the software solution had to not only support its existing marketplace presence but also strengthen its potential to increase sales while expanding to new territories.

Additionally, the company was in the midst of pursuing a global expansion and was searching for a partner that could provide a centralised point to administer activities through several selling channels across multiple countries. As a company located within a significant manufacturing hub, Patiojoy says it wanted to first bring products labeled as manufactured in China to all parts of the world and then become a global supply chain integration specialist.

The Solution

Within a year of integrating with the ChannelAdvisor platform, Patiojoy confirms it gained invitations to and successfully launched on both and Walmart,com. And, according to Patiojoy, the results did not disappoint.

In August 2016, the company got on board the Walmart marketplace and it started selling a month later. On Thanksgiving Day of that year, Patiojoy reported that its single-day sales reached USD $160,000. Tamia Jin, Sales Manager at Patiojoy, adds, “We went from being a brand-new seller to being ranked #7 on Walmart in just three months.”

The company also pursued access to the Target+ marketplace and, with ChannelAdvisor’s support and assistance, secured an invitation to join that channel. Within three months of launching sales on Target+, Patiojoy reports that its single-day sales reached USD $120,000.

The Results

With the help of ChannelAdvisor, Patiojoy reports that it began growing its global presence and joined several more platforms. The company has gone from selling on three marketplaces at the time it partnered withChannelAdvisor to selling on more than 20 marketplaces, including eBay, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, Fruugo, Best Buy, Kogan, Ozsale, Overstock, Tophatter and AliExpress.

“ChannelAdvisor’s partnerships and referrals play a huge role in our platform expansion,” explains Jin. “To be honest, up to 70% of our platform expansion is from ChannelAdvisor’s referral or fast-tracked process with partnered platforms.”

According to Jin, the company is currently promoting and developing the European market, with plans to expand into more countries in that region.


Location:Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China

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