OTC WholesaleMaking Over-the-Counter Supplies More Accessible

Company Overview

OTC Wholesale is a distributor of over-the-counter drugstore products, especially diabetic and physical therapy supplies. Located in south Florida, OTC Wholesale has been offering unbeatable prices on its products for more than eight years. As a distributor, OTC Wholesale has significant purchasing power and can offer its customers a lower price than anywhere else. Because OTC Wholesale only stocks items that can be sold at the lowest prices, its inventory constantly changes. OTC Wholesale also fulfills large-volume orders at discounted prices, making it one of the leading online drugstores in the industry.

The Situation

After being in business for eight years, OTC Wholesale decided it was time to focus on building a multichannel e-commerce strategy. As a first step, the company began listing its products on several online marketplaces: eBay, Amazon and Sears. However, the challenges of keeping up with each marketplace soon became apparent. “We had a hard time keeping our inventory levels consistent across all of the channels,” said Federico Arguelles, CEO of OTC Wholesale. “If an item sold out at one location, we had to rush to update the inventory on every other channel individually.”

In these situations, maintaining accurate inventory levels prevents products from being oversold and avoids unsatisfied customers. Knowing this, OTC Wholesale began searching for an e-commerce solution provider. To simplify its inventory management across all channels, OTC Wholesale hoped to find a single platform that would bring everything together. “In our searches for a technology partner, we found ChannelAdvisor,” said Arguelles. “It presented a great opportunity for us because we were able to manage all of our products and all of our orders in one place without having to mess around with several other programs.”

The Solution

ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces provided OTC Wholesale with the ability to generate a single inventory feed that allows the company to manage its entire online selling process, from product listings to order management, from a single dashboard. With the ability to manipulate inventory levels across all channels from one place, OTC Wholesale could eliminate the risk of overselling.

“Working with ChannelAdvisor gave us the ability to list all of our products on multiple marketplaces as well as our own site without needing additional employees,” said Arguelles. ChannelAdvisor’s technology allowed OTC Wholesale to streamline its multichannel inventory management and take its online business to the next level.

The Results

After fully integrating with the ChannelAdvisor platform, OTC Wholesale immediately began to see results: Its online sales grew 33% in the first three months. By choosing to work with ChannelAdvisor, OTC Wholesale amplified its sales opportunities by allowing all of its products to be listed across all of its channels. “We are now looking to begin using Digital Marketing that ChannelAdvisor provides,” said Arguelles. “We have the potential to experience all of this growth, while being able to manage it all from one platform.”

OTC Wholesale also plans to continue using ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces solution to expand into additional marketplaces as they become available. “Going forward, we expect to see huge growth with ChannelAdvisor,” said Arguelles.

OTC Wholesale

Location:Sunrise, FL

Web: https://www.otcwholesale.com/

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