NubyGrows Amazon Revenue 422% YoY With ChannelAdvisor

Company Overview

Ask any parent to name a baby brand they know and trust, and there’s a good chance Nûby will be on the list. From sippy cups to teethers to bath products and toys, the manufacturer is well-known for its full range of high-quality, innovative products. It distributes to more than 155 countries and has supported millions of families for over three decades, always with the goal of making the lives of parents and children “easy, simple and fun.” Together with affiliate brand Dr. Talbot’s, the company’s product listings are often the first place parents go when they’re in need of new bottles, bibs and other baby items. 

Based on this level of success, it would be easy to assume such a universally loved brand has always been at the top of their e-commerce game. However, when it comes to marketplace promotions, it took Luv n’ Care—the parent company for Nuby and Talbot’s Pharmaceuticals Family Products — the parent company for Dr. Talbot’s — some time to land on an effective strategy.

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The Situation

While Luv n’ Care had been selling on e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay for years, the company admits that it wasn’t always easy to attract their target audience. With such a large range of items all in the same category, the Luv n’ Care team says drawing attention to new products proved to be a big challenge.

“It was difficult to get our new products the exposure they needed to reach our consumers,” said Vice President Abraham Hakim. “Our advertising and promotion campaigns were inefficient, costly and disorganized.”

By 2019, it was clear the company needed to change its approach, according to Hakim. If the company was going to master the art of marketplace advertising, they’d need more expertise — not to mention e-commerce technology to help streamline campaigns and ease the process.

So Hakim set out to find a new solution.

“We searched for three months,” he said of the process. “Most of the e-commerce services were very limited on how many SKUs they can help manage.”

The Solution

When it came to finding the right mix of tools and technology, there was really only one option that met all of the company’s needs.

“ChannelAdvisor has access to a lot more data and resources than other e-commerce solutions,” Hakim said. “I appreciate the fact that they are more hands-on, follow up on a weekly basis and come up with strategies.”

Shortly after Nûby started working with ChannelAdvisor, the business signed on for additional Amazon Advertising guidance with ChannelAdvisor’s Managed Services for Digital Marketing

In working with the ChannelAdvisor Managed Services team to fine-tune Amazon Store and Sponsored Brands campaigns, both Nûby and Dr. Talbot’s set out to increase sales while simultaneously scaling and expanding the brands’ marketplace business. From easy-to-use dashboards and reporting, to intuitive analytics and organized product information, the Nûby team knew it had all the tools it needed to gain valuable insights and reach new goals. 

The Results

Within the first year of working with ChannelAdvisor, Nûby says its Amazon revenue grew by 422%.

Over the same time period, the company reports Dr. Talbot’s Amazon revenue increased 965%.

According to Hakim, maintaining this level of performance required a reliable solution provider — one that fully aligned with the company’s core business goals. For Luv n’ Care, that meant working specifically with ChannelAdvisor.

 “ChannelAdvisor was like a great hire; an additional member of our team,” Hakim said.

To consistently maintain their advertising revenue target, Luv n’ Care says it closely monitors shipped cost of goods sold (COGS). With those shipped COGS in mind, the company reports impressive revenue gains up to 302% for Nûby — and 1,092% for Dr. Talbot’s — compared to the previous year.

When asked if the brand credits ChannelAdvisor for these changes, Hakim was quick to answer.

“Absolutely,” he said. “With only three team members, Nûby wouldn’t see this level and pace of growth.”

Which is how, after 30 years of reaching millions of families worldwide, a beloved brand has ensured parents will continue to discover the best, safest and simplest choices for future generations of growing babies.


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