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Company Overview

The Natori Company is an industry-leading fashion brand that designs collections in lingerie, bras and underwear, loungewear, ready-to-wear, swim, bedding, towels, home accents and more. Natori is synonymous with luxury, selling its products in upscale department stores in the US and to at least 20 countries internationally. The company was founded in 1977 by Josie Natori, but it wasn’t until 2008 that the company started selling online. Now all of the designer collections are available online through www.natori.com, and through microsites www.JosieBynatori.com and www.NByNatori.com.

The Situation

For Natori, branching out into e-commerce was a way to expand brand exposure and increase sales, however launching online presented challenges such as product imaging. As a fashion company, Natori needed to display its products in the most engaging way possible and wanted to offer consumers realistic product images, depicting the excellent quality and intricate detail designs of each item.

"We understood that in order to be successful online, we needed life-like and detailed product images to help consumers truly understand what they were purchasing,” said Natori Vice President Ken Natori. “Initially, we implemented expanded images that allowed shoppers to enlarge the product, but soon realized that additional functionality, such as product zoom, was essential for improving customers’ online experience."

Natori began to evaluate rich media solutions to help the company deliver more engaging product images.

The Solution

Natori evaluated a number of software programs that would help it elevate its product images and improve conversions, but many programs such as Adobe Scene 7 were extremely expensive. The fashion company decided that ChannelAdvisor Rich Media was the perfect fit, offering dynamic functionality at the right price.

Additionally, ChannelAdvisor Rich Media offered Natori multiple visualization techniques including product zoom, image resizing, alternative views and color swatching to create more interactive selling tools on the website. ChannelAdvisor also provided mobile and tablet support so Natori could configure views for a variety of devices.

From a management perspective, Natori relished being able to easily create and manage its digital assets using ChannelAdvisor’s technology. The capability to upload, manage workflow as well as test and deploy images from a single interface ensured that the fashion company was more efficient and effective in driving conversions on its website.

The Results

“ChannelAdvisor’s technology simplified the image display process for us,” said Natori. “The upload process was whittled down to one step, new images now save over old images and we gained the ability to preview each image before it goes live on the site. From a support standpoint, the ChannelAdvisor team is amazing. We fell in love with the software’s functionality, but the support that we received during the implementation process made for an overall excellent experience.”

The superior control and top-notch product images did more than elevate Natori's images online; it increased online conversion and significantly contributed to the company's overall growth. After implementing ChannelAdvisor's zoom and other robust display functions, Natori's sales increased more than 200% year-over-year.

Once we implemented ChannelAdvisor’s advanced Rich Media features, our online conversions spiked. At that moment, we knew we had the best system in place to offer consumers an in-person shopping experience online—an experience that inspired more purchases on our website.

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