Just JazzleUsing Marketplaces and BigCommerce to grow more than 50% year-over-year

Company Overview

Jennifer Crumley started Just Jazzle when her hectic schedule as a stock broker became overwhelming. After stepping away from the financial industry in 2008, she was shopping for her kids and noticed that many of the items she was buying in brick-and-mortar stores couldn’t be found online. In 2012, Crumley figured she would try her hand at e-commerce and started reselling items on eBay. She began selling party supplies because they were inexpensive, and she has since expanded her catalog to also include toys, costumes and other items for children.

The Situation

Crumley started Just Jazzle by selling party supplies as bundled packages, and they quickly became a hit on eBay. After realizing she had found a unique market for these products online, Crumley decided to test the waters on other channels.

“The product bundles on eBay were very popular, so we started listing some of our inventory on Amazon,” said Crumley. “It got to a point where our inventory was taking up our entire basement. I had to ask some of my friends to help with processing orders and shipping them out.”

Once Just Jazzle launched on Amazon, orders were coming in much more frequently, and it became a burden to list and manage products on multiple channels. The company was frequently behind on updating its inventory.

“Trying to keep up with our inventory was a nightmare. It wasn’t just that we were overselling, but we also had more inventory than what we were listing on marketplaces,” said Crumley. “If a customer wanted to purchase a higher quantity of a certain item than what we were showing, we’d miss the sales opportunity.”

While Crumley’s hands were tied with managing inventory, she was also trying to reprice items on Amazon to stay in line with competition. “We were spending several hours a week repricing on Amazon. Then, our competitors would change their prices to be lower than ours. It was a huge challenge, and we couldn’t keep up.”

To address these inventory and pricing challenges, Just Jazzle knew it needed to use e-commerce software to automate its processes. The company decided to use two different solution providers, though neither panned out. “Both companies we used for marketplaces management were awful. They often required too much information to sell on a marketplace. It was backwards and too complicated,” said Crumley.

The Solution

ChannelAdvisor contacted Crumley around the same time that her company ended its relationship with its previous solution providers. After some evaluation, Just Jazzle started using ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces in June 2013 to maximize its sales on Amazon and eBay and scale its business on these marketplaces. The company used the Inventory Juggler feature to monitor and update its inventory across channels, which eliminated the inaccurate stock listings.

“I knew that if we wanted to grow, then we needed to sign up with ChannelAdvisor,” said Crumley. “Once we started using ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces, it immediately became easier to manage our inventory and increase our number of product listings on each marketplace. I just had to send my product feed to ChannelAdvisor, and they pushed it out on Amazon and eBay. It became so much easier to grow from there.”

Just Jazzle also took advantage of ChannelAdvisor’s Amazon Repricer to stay in line with competitors’ prices and win the Buy Box. “The Repricer has been a huge help. Before, we were spending so of our time monitoring Amazon prices. Now, ChannelAdvisor takes care of that whole process,” said Crumley.

After growing its presence on marketplaces, Just Jazzle used ChannelAdvisor’s Webstores Amplifier to launch its BigCommerce webstore. ChannelAdvisor synchronized all of Just Jazzle’s inventory across Amazon, eBay and its Bigcommerce website so the company could use one interface to manage inventory on each channel.

“With ChannelAdvisor, there was no extra work for us to maintain our Bigcommerce site,” said Crumley. “The ability to sell on multiple sites without strenuous work helped us maximize our sales on each channel, and we haven’t had any issues with overselling. We use Facebook and Pinterest to drive customers to our website, and from there it’s a simple process for them to purchase items.”

The Results

Since using ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces, Just Jazzle has increased its online sales by more than 50% year-over-year. ChannelAdvisor now manages all of Just Jazzle’s inventory, and fulfills each of the company’s orders through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

“ChannelAdvisor changed my life,” said Crumley. “Now I know that what’s listed in ChannelAdvisor is accurate, and I don’t have to manually count all of my inventory. I’m able to upload product listings on multiple channels with minimal effort, and I fulfill all my orders with FBA, so I don’t have to worry about shipping and returns.”

Looking back, Crumley wishes that Just Jazzle would have started using ChannelAdvisor a long time ago. “Originally, I didn’t know how much ChannelAdvisor was going to benefit me. In hindsight, I wish I had signed up with ChannelAdvisor much earlier than I actually did,” said Crumley. “ChannelAdvisor is committed to support and technology that will help its customers grow.”

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