DNA MotoringLeading Auto Parts Manufacturer Saves $150,000 in Shipping Refunds

Company Overview

As one of the largest suppliers of specialty auto performance parts and accessories in the US, DNA Motoring knows a few things about what it means to be at the cutting edge of industry. Employees regularly research automotive needs across a wide range of categories — from exhaust to headlights to cooling — to ensure the company is continually providing customers with the highest-quality products possible. 

With four distribution centers and 170,000 square feet of space at headquarters alone, the manufacturer has grown exponentially. Today, the company provides wholesale, drop shipping, private label and white label, all while simultaneously selling directly to consumers. 

Yet even in the midst of so much innovation, there was one area where the team says it continually struggled.

The Situation

When DNA Motoring first opened, it consisted of just 10 automotive enthusiasts. The group says it was laser-focused on creating the best, most innovative products possible. So it’s understandable that the sales side of the equation was a little lacking.

As the company expanded, however, it became evident that the team would need a better way to get the word out. Employees were still relying on a primitive Excel process to transfer product data directly to marketplaces. In some cases, the information was being uploaded and modified manually. Needless to say, the process was time-consuming and tedious.

“There was a lack of marketplace listing management and organization,” said E-Commerce Marketing and Operation Manager Ricko Cheung. “As our business grew, it quickly became difficult to manage.”

Cheung and his team were in need of a better way to handle the dozens of daily tasks that come with selling on e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. From counting inventory to creating listings to keeping prices competitive, there were a lot of challenges to overcome.

In addition, it was also becoming increasingly difficult to provide fast, cost-effective shipping. In an attempt to keep DNA Motoring’s carrier honest, staff would manually review invoices after picking out shipments at random to audit.

“This proved to be an impossible task,” said Cheung. “It was two to three people spending hours a day, every day, for the whole year. You can imagine how much time was wasted working at partial efficiency. We missed out on a lot of shipping carrier accountability to report.”

So Cheung and his colleagues set out to find a better solution.

“We were urgently searching for a platform to help solve this challenge for us.”

The Solution

By the time DNA Motoring began using the ChannelAdvisor platform, the team says it was more than ready.

“ChannelAdvisor is the main offering available, and there is nothing else out there that compares to it,” Cheung said of the decision.

The process started with ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces, where staff relied on a range of tools to upload listings, manage inventory, automate competitive repricing and reduce the risk of overselling.

“The multi-marketplace platform of ChannelAdvisor has definitely made it easier to sell on multiple marketplaces without any headache in management,” Cheung explained. “It’s also easy to generate more listings at a faster pace than if we were to do it manually.”

Thanks to the built-in integration with 71lbs, DNA Motoring’s team reports that they no longer spend countless hours processing audits. 

“Using the 71lbs integration has created breathing room,” Cheung said.

It all made for a much more streamlined approach to e-commerce — one that has helped employees to focus on other important areas of the company, allowing them to create and innovate free from distractions, added Cheung.

It’s also created significant cost savings for the company. Cheung says because of 71lbs’ automated claims process, DNA Motoring can take full advantage of the money back guarantees offered by leading shipping carriers. In just two years, Cheung says 71lbs has helped DNA Motoring save $150,000 in shipping refunds.

The Results

Today, Cheung says he attributes a “big percentage” of DNA Motoring’s success to ChannelAdvisor. 

“Instead of working by hand as we did before, we now are able to let the platform do most of the work for us,” he said. “Without ChannelAdvisor, we would need more resources to match the power of their platform.”

According to Cheung, that advantage came in especially handy when COVID-19 hit. Unlike many brands and retailers that struggled to adapt to new online buying behaviors in the midst of the pandemic, DNA Motoring says it was able to continue business as usual.

“We were able to add personal protective equipment to our product line and cater to current market demand,” said Cheung.

Looking ahead, Cheung says DNA Motoring has confidence the company will continue to weather industry shifts and changes with ease.

“I fully recommend ChannelAdvisor to any business, as it will scale well,” Cheung said. “I trust ChannelAdvisor to modify the platform, and to notify us when there are new offerings that might come as a benefit.”

DNA Motoring

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