Bundle CityDoubling GMV growth on marketplaces

Company Overview

Bundle City sells consumer electronics, housewares, and health and wellness products from diverse brands at competitive prices. Originally a wholesale brand, Bundle City started selling online in 2008. Based in Los Angeles, the company continues to run a business-to-business  (B2B) wholesale business in addition to selling directly to consumers through its website and other online channels.

The Situation

When CEO Pez Elias started Bundle City, it was a B2B wholesale company that drop-shipped TV mounts and brackets to retailers that then sold them online. Because of its unique shipping method, Bundle City established a well-known brand in the industry. “Other wholesalers with similar products didn’t have the ability to ship one product at a time,” said Elias. “Because we didn’t always have to ship products in bulk, we had a competitive advantage.”

Once it developed an efficient wholesale infrastructure, Bundle City had more time to focus on building a retail strategy. The company saw an opportunity to leverage its shipping expertise to sell directly to customers. “We thought our experience with drop shipping and working with online retailers would make for an easy transition to go direct.”

To launch its business-to-consumer (B2C) initiative, Bundle City started selling on eBay. However, Elias had to manually update the company’s inventory and product listings on the marketplace. As Bundle City’s order volume from eBay increased, he knew it was inefficient for him to spend so much time managing that side of the business. “I remember thinking how incredibly tedious and time-consuming it was,” said Elias. “We wanted to expand to new channels like Amazon, but we were spending too much time on eBay.”

The Solution

To create a significant online presence and sell directly to consumers, Bundle City started using ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces. “We signed up with ChannelAdvisor during the early stages of our e-commerce business,” said Elias. “We wanted to prepare for growth, and ChannelAdvisor resonated with our business goals.”

ChannelAdvisor helped Bundle City organize its B2C strategy. Using ChannelAdvisor, Bundle City could manage its entire online selling process — loading inventory, updating product listings and managing orders — from one unified dashboard.

“Selling direct is different than wholesale. We had to familiarize ourselves with how to manage customer orders, uphold quality customer service and all the other things that come with running an online business,” said Elias. “The automation of ChannelAdvisor’s platform helped us streamline our eBay product listings. We learned the ropes of e-commerce and figured out how to be a professional online retailer.”

After getting organized on eBay, Bundle City launched on Amazon, which now is one of the company’s biggest revenue generators. Additionally, ChannelAdvisor helped the company build a premium webstore to sell products directly to its web visitors. ChannelAdvisor synchronizes Bundle City’s inventory across both channels and automatically makes updates to each site as new orders are made.

“Had we managed all of these channels on our own, it would have never worked,” said Elias. “Our entire online B2C operation is handled through ChannelAdvisor. Exporting all of our attributes through ChannelAdvisor is a huge benefit to our business.”

The Results

“We’ve increased our GMV on marketplaces dramatically since 2011,” said Elias. “Between 2013 and 2014, we doubled our GMV on all marketplaces. ChannelAdvisor gives us the basic tools we need to grow our business. Now we feel like our e-commerce business is on cruise control, so we can focus on other business practices.”

Bundle City has further expanded its online presence by launching on Best Buy, Newegg, Rakuten.com Shopping and Sears. “It’s valuable to use a multichannel platform to connect with consumers on so many different sites,” said Elias. “ChannelAdvisor organizes all of our products and attributes. It’s a true time-saver.”

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