AveptRevving Up Sales by 228%

Company Overview

Founded in 2005, Avept, Inc. specializes in the online sales of automotive, street motorcycle, specialty automotive lighting and powersports products. Avept co-founder Stanton Maines first began exploring e-commerce in 1998 and used his experiences to establish the online business model for Avept. Currently, Avept deals directly with manufacturers, allowing it to provide clients with competitive pricing.

The Situation

As Avept began to grow and experience increased online success, it became more and more difficult to manage its growing inventory on eBay while keeping up with the specific seller requirements and frequent technological changes of the marketplace. Additionally, Maines understood that to continue on the same growth trajectory, he needed to expand the company’s listings across additional marketplaces. Doing so would require more resources.

It was time for the Avept team to decide whether to build its own technology to better manage marketplace sales or look externally for e-commerce support. “We were at a crossroads,” said Maines. “We had to decide if we wanted to invest the time and money to build our own solution or if it would be more beneficial to find a solution provider that could improve efficiency and reduce the need for added resources. We were at the point where we could clearly see the potential of our business if we had the tools to properly manage our online channels and help us expand our online reach.”

The Solution

The decision process became much easier when Maines evaluated ChannelAdvisor’s software, and soon thereafter Avept became a ChannelAdvisor customer. The ChannelAdvisor platform enabled Avept to handle increased inventory levels while simultaneously automating and optimizing product listings across multiple marketplaces.

With ChannelAdvisor, Avept was able to increase its inventory to more than 25,000 listings and expand beyond eBay to additional marketplaces such as Amazon, Newegg and Sears. ChannelAdvisor provided Avept with the comprehensive e-commerce platform it needed to accommodate its growth and e-commerce expansion.

The Results

Since launching on the ChannelAdvisor platform, Avept has increased its online visibility, strengthened its marketplace partnerships and grown its business by more than 228%. “ChannelAdvisor has an accessible pricing model that works well with small companies looking to grow,” said Maines. “The platform works well from day one and is incredibly scalable. With ChannelAdvisor, we have a central platform where we can manage all of our marketplaces and continue to grow. This type of valuable technology would have been impossible to build on our own. We definitely made the right decision with ChannelAdvisor.”

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