amikaAccelerates Amazon Advertising ROI by Switching to ChannelAdvisor Managed Services

Company Overview

When it was founded in 2007, amika brought together a band of hairstylists, beauty junkies, innovators, artists, graphic designers and self-professed “industry outsiders.” What started as a professional-only line, amika reports, quickly grew to become one of the top independently-owned hair care brands in the industry, offering high-performing haircare and tools for everyone: best-selling dry shampoos, popular hydrating treatments and many other one-of-a-kind products. 

amika is the antithesis of a typical beauty brand, and people loved it. So much, in fact, that the brand decided it was time to expand beyond retailer relationships and start selling direct-to-consumers (D2C). And that meant a whole new set of business goals. If the company was going to continue down a path of expansion, the team would need to reach new audiences, deepen engagement and increase loyalty.

The Situation

As amika’s business model began to shift, Amazon played a prominent role. The retail team understood just how important the marketplace giant had become to buyers and wanted to be sure its playful products would be easy to discover and explore there. After all, Amazon is the first stop many consumers make when they want to buy directly from their favorite brands. And amika reports it was fast becoming a favorite brand for many, many prestige beauty buyers.

However, it soon became clear that reaching consumers on Amazon wasn’t going to be easy, especially when it came to Amazon Advertising.

“Before working with ChannelAdvisor, we were working with another outside firm to implement and monitor our Amazon Advertising strategy and campaigns,” said Retail Sales & Education Manager Dana Amador. “Unfortunately, they were unable to create a full, 360-degree plan that encompassed both individual product goals as well as larger, overarching goals for the brand.”

So Amador and her team did what they always do when facing a hurdle: They set out to find a newer, better solution.

The Solution

After hearing about ChannelAdvisor from other leading brands on Amazon, amika decided it was time to take advantage of the platform’s best-in-class automation tools and digital marketing expertise. Rather than hiring another agency, they opted to use ChannelAdvisor’s Managed Services for Digital Marketing.

ChannelAdvisor’s long-standing partnership with Amazon turned out to be a huge advantage.

“ChannelAdvisor has worked very closely with our team and Amazon’s team to explore and pull all of the levers available to us on Amazon to increase product and brand visibility within the space,” said Amador, adding that turning browsers into buyers has become much easier.

“[The ChannelAdvisor experts] not only set up our Amazon Advertising strategy, but also took the time to review and perfect all the different ways we interact with both new and existing clients on Amazon,” Amador said. “From A+ Product Content to keywords, ChannelAdvisor has thought of all the ways we can increase conversion.”

The Results

amika’s Amazon business is booming, and the company credits a lot of that success to its decision to partner with ChannelAdvisor.

“The Managed Services team has not only helped us meet and exceed our goals but protect our brand’s market share on the platform as well,” Amador said. “Without ChannelAdvisor, we would certainly see a decline in all aspects of our Amazon business.”

More specifically, ChannelAdvisor helped amika:

  • Optimize product content: With ChannelAdvisor’s guidance, amika was able to optimize all aspects of product pages and A+ content, including titles, copy, benefits and keywords. 
  • Stay ahead of trends: Because ChannelAdvisor’s specialists are consistently ahead of the curve when it comes to changing consumer expectations, amika always has the insights needed to keep people engaged, attentive and coming back for more.
  • Expand to new channels: Shortly after implementing a new strategy in the US, amika turned to ChannelAdvisor to mirror those plans across all of the brand’s international Amazon marketplaces.

“ChannelAdvisor works very closely with all members of our teams — from sales to marketing — to ensure business goals are being achieved and our brand messaging is clear across all channels,” said Amador. “At this point we consider them to be a direct extension of amika headquarters.”

In fact, amika’s sales and marketing teams communicate with ChannelAdvisor specialists almost daily.

“Their continuous support and forward-thinking has propelled the brand in ways we did not anticipate or expect,” Amador said. “To see growth, you must invest…but invest wisely — which is what we did when making the decision to partner with ChannelAdvisor.”


Location:New York, NY


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