Ames WalkerAmes Walker Kicks Up Sales $100,000 with Amazon Sponsored Products

Company Overview

For over 20 years, Ames Walker has served more than 500,000 customers with compression hosiery backed by The Ames Walker Promise, which promises not only a wide selection of choices, but also a guarantee of the lowest price or they will price match with an additional 10% off. With approximately 40,000 combinations of products, styles and colors, Ames Walker utilizes ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces and ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing to promote and sell their products.

The Situation

A Bloomreach, Inc. study found that 55% of US consumers begin their product search on as compared to 28% who started on search engines such as Google. “With so much noise on Amazon, we wanted to find ways to make sure our products stood out in searches,” said Kaki Zell, vice president of sales and marketing at Ames Walker.

The Solution

“Working with ChannelAdvisor, we started implementing Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns and tested out how our products could be more visible based on keyword searches,” said Zell.

Amazon Sponsored Products is a program that allows sellers to promote their product listings on the Amazon search results page. These ads are based on keywords that match shoppers’ search queries. ChannelAdvisor offers tools and reports that provide complete visibility into product-level performance, control over the success of the campaigns and actionable insights.

“Since we were already a ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces customer, our Sponsored Products were set up in no time. ChannelAdvisor provided full support throughout the whole process, and they were instrumental in our success using Sponsored Products,” said Zell.

The Results

“Implementing Sponsored Products has been a tremendous addition for driving traffic to our Amazon listings. Within the first three months of using Sponsored Products, our Amazon sales are up more than 10%, averaging under a 6.5% spend. In ten months, Sponsored Products produced over $100,000 in sales at a 9% cost. The cost to acquire these extra sales have been pretty low thus far, making it a win-win,” said Zell.

Ames Walker

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