Schuylkill Valley SportsAlgorithmic Repricer for eBay Increases GMV 220% Week Over Week

Company Overview

Schuylkill Valley Sports has offered a full line of sporting goods, covering athletes from head to toe, for over 45 years. The company provides customers with athletic equipment, footwear and apparel for nearly every sport, from soccer to disc golf. In addition to 16 physical stores, the company has a growing e-commerce presence, selling on eBay, Amazon and Walmart.

The Situation

Schuylkill Valley Sports had been selling on eBay since the early 2000s with only a handful of products listed. However, the company wasn’t seeing nearly the results on eBay that it was on other marketplaces.

Enter Ryan Kistler, Schuylkill Valley Sports’ eCommerce Manager. Ryan helped the company increase its listings on eBay. “It really wasn’t until 2014 that we began to actively sell on eBay. We now have nearly all of our 70,000 SKUs listed on eBay, but for some time we really weren’t seeing the needle move.”

Kistler improved listing titles and images, but didn’t see results increase.

The Solution

Schuylkill Valley Sports had implemented both the Algorithmic Repricer for Walmart and Algorithmic Repricer for Amazon, seeing nice returns using both repricers. So, it was no surprise that when Kistler heard about ChannelAdvisor’s Algorithmic Repricer for eBay, he wanted access as soon as possible.

“Working with ChannelAdvisor Managed Services, we were able to easily setup the repricer using the same criteria and restrictrictions that we established with the other two repricers,” said Kistler.

Kistler only needs to check in on the repricer on a weekly basis. “It runs on its own. I don’t have to constantly check on how it’s doing. Once a week I review how the repricer is performing and make adjustments if needed.”

The Results

Using the Algorithmic Repricer gave Schuylkill Valley Sports the tangible results on eBay they were looking for. They were able to drive sales, rank higher in product searches and increase traffic and impressions.

“The Algorithmic Repricer for eBay is a reliable and sustainable model to increase sales since it’s so ‘hands off.’ After one week we saw profits increase 202%,” noted Kistler.

In addition to the increase in profits, the company saw an 84% increase in quantity sold and a 220% increase in GMV week over week using the Algorithmic Repricer for eBay. 

“The Repricer really helped with my initial goal of boosting our eBay performance. We’re now able to move more products and do so while increasing profit,” said Kistler.

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Schuylkill Valley Sports

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