Where to Buy Solution for Manufacturers

Do Your Customers Know Where to Buy Your Products?

Consumers sure do love their brands. Brands are reliable. Brands are authentic. As the manufacturers of their favorite products, brands can be trusted to provide more accurate information and better customer service.

Which is why so many consumers are spending time on your website — before heading to an online marketplace or retail site. But what happens when it’s time to buy?

With ChannelAdvisor’s Where To Buy solution for manufacturers, you’ll never miss an opportunity to turn website visitors into paying customers, gain actionable insights into sales and campaign data, support your channel strategy, understand customer intent, and uncover product and retailer performance.

Buy Now Technology That’s Made for Manufacturers

Sending buyers straight to your approved retailers is an essential part of any manufacturer’s strategy. By connecting visitors from your website and digital display advertisements to your partners’ product pages or shopping carts, you keep consumers on a streamlined path to purchase. No distractions. No substitutes. No exposure to competitors’ products, unauthorized sellers or counterfeit items.

That’s why Where To Buy is a central component of ChannelAdvisor’s comprehensive e-commerce platform. The same solution used to manage digital marketing, optimize sales operations and automate fulfillment processes can also be used to create a clear path for consumers who are ready to buy now. Best of all, there’s no need to use a different solution for each product line. ChannelAdvisor Where to Buy aggregates your entire sub-brand product portfolio into one streamlined experience.

It’s the surest way to become a trusted resource for shoppers — and strengthen relationships with retailers, too.

How It Works

Our Where to Buy widget offers simple, intuitive integration into your website, more robust customer data for you, higher quality leads for your partners and a frictionless shopping experience for your customers.

  • Lead consumers straight to your preferred retail partners, both online and in-store
  • Integrate seamlessly across your website and mobile, social or display ads
  • Make your entire sub-brand product portfolio available for consumers to explore online or in-store
  • Keep tabs on where and when your customers buy
  • Track how well retailers are sharing your products on their websites
  • Use multi-brand features to get a streamlined view of all products and sub-brands
  • Monitor online compliance with Minimum Advertising Pricing (MAP) policies
  • View activity right alongside all of your other e-commerce data: ad performance, inventory updates, order fulfillment and much more

Where to Buy Online

Turn more online interactions into purchases.

  • When viewing items shoppers are linked from your site, your app, your display ads, or your social media posts directly to the product pages on your retailers’ sites
  • On participating retailers sites, items can be added directly to the shopping cart
  • Customers complete the transaction, and you track the referral conversion

Where to Buy Local

Transform on-site browsing into in-store buying.

  • Advanced settings allow you to show them available product variants, availability and pricing
  • Addresses and maps provide everything they need
  • When viewing products, consumers see which stores carry them and where they’re in stock (powered by Nielsen and NPD)

Ready to Use Where to Buy?

Increase your likelihood of a sale with every visit and ad view when you power your e-commerce platform with Where to Buy Technology. Request a demo to see it in action.

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