Do Your Customers Know Where to Buy?

Do Your Customers Know Where to Buy?

Never Miss Another Opportunity to Strike While the Buying Impulse Is High

Customers come to your website daily to research products. Once they’ve made the decision to buy, why let them go anywhere else? ChannelAdvisor Where to Buy is the next logical step in the customer journey. By placing a simple widget on your product landing pages, you provide instant purchasing power by creating a seamless transition from your website to your preferred resellers’ product page — or even shopping cart.

As an essential part of your e-commerce strategy, Where to Buy offers more robust customer data for you, higher quality leads for your dealers and a smoother shopping experience for your customers.

  • Refer qualified traffic to approved sites and stores
  • Create a seamless path to purchase for customers with product and store locator capabilities
  • Embed Where to Buy in display ads for search and social
  • Track detailed customer information and analytics for every referral
  • Automate reports across retailers, categories and campaigns
  • Monitor online compliance with Minimum Advertising Pricing (MAP) monitoring services

Where to Buy Online

Where to Buy Online is a powerful widget that connects e-commerce customers directly to your trusted seller network, turning more website visits into purchases.


ChannelAdvisor Where to Buy: Buy Online Dashboard

Where to Buy Local

ChannelAdvisor Where to Buy: Buy Local Dashboard

Today’s savvy shoppers are on the go and looking for options, and your website is often just one stop among many on their paths to purchase. With Where to Buy Local, you’ll never miss another opportunity to send them to your preferred nearby retailers when they’re ready to see, sample and buy your products.


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