Make you brand site actionable

Consumers visit your brand’s site every day looking for product information and to learn where they can complete a purchase. ChannelAdvisor’s Where to Buy solutions helps shorten the path to purchase by connecting well-informed shoppers directly to your retailers’ websites and local stores.

ChannelAdvisor Buy Online

Buy Online connects ready-to-buy shoppers directly to your products on retailer websites. Consumers simply select where they want to complete the purchase and they’re taken directly to their preferred retailer’s product detail page or shopping cart.

Buy Online helps your brand:

  • Increase conversions by shortening the path to purchase
  • Create a better consumer experience
  • Strengthen retailer relationships
  • Gain valuable insight into customer behavior, including preferred products, retailer performance and sales data

ChannelAdvisor Buy Local

Transform on-site browsing into in-store buying. Buy Local adds functionality to your website that allows consumers to quickly find your products at brick-and-mortar stores close to them.

Buy Local allows your brand to:

  • Diversify your sales channels by promoting both online and offline retail partners
  • Maintain near-real-time stock status at selected local retailers through the use of inventory availability tracking
  • Better understand preferred products and retailers by geography

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