See How Your Business Is DoingWith Review-Ready Profitability Reports on Products and Marketplaces

Wondering how your business is really doing? Until you have easy access to the right facts and figures, there’s no way to know which products are strong sellers or what sales channels make the most sense for your catalog.

For that, there’s ChannelAdvisor Profitability Reporting.

ChannelAdvisor collects your data to show profit and loss on every product and each marketplace. Advertising fees, commission fees, the prices your customers pay for shipping, the costs you incur for fulfillment and more are converted into intuitive, at-a-glance reporting. You’ll know when to increase investments on high-performing marketplaces, and when to pivot on low-performing items.

With market changes occurring daily, you need fast and accurate reporting that makes it easy to get a handle on how products are doing, and which marketplaces are proving to be most (and least) profitable. Our review-ready financial reporting allows you to do just that.

Get all the financial insights you need within seconds! Request a demo to see Profitability Reports in action.

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