ChannelAdvisor Product Feed Management allows you to easily transform your product data to meet the requirements of merchandising, marketing, and advertising platforms; deliver that data in a variety of formats; and track the success of feed delivery.


  • Reduce the workload by managing just one product data stream and easily transforming that data into the unique formats required by each destination
  • Maximize your visibility, ROAS, and sales by optimizing product content for each merchandising, marketing, and advertising endpoint
  • Prevent unnecessary performance issues by quickly identifying and fixing errors in product data
  • Adapt rapidly to the changing partner requirements by adjusting templates easily
  • Reach more destinations in less time, with less effort

Did You Know?

Two of every three clicks ChannelAdvisor sees on Google are feed-generated Product Listing Ads. And the companies that syndicate quality product content are winning those prime placements.

How it works

  • Configure your internal system(s) to automatically deliver product data to ChannelAdvisor
  • Select one of many pre-built product data feed templates for destinations, including comparison shopping engines, social commerce sites, retargeting providers, review sites, affiliate programs, personalization programs, and more
  • Or, create your own custom template for endpoints of your choosing
  • Use advanced filters to customize the product catalog data delivered to each destination
  • Map data fields and apply powerful rules to transform, enhance and optimize content per the requirements of each destination
  • Configure delivery formats and schedules
  • Monitor feed performance and quickly make adjustments as necessary

data directing into ipad with arrow pointing to sweater connected to social media logos

ChannelAdvisor sends approximately 22,000 feeds representing about 2 billion product updates every day.