Connecting You to Your Retailers

ChannelAdvisor’s First Party (1P) Solutions streamline the management of your drop ship channels in one platform. Our user-friendly platform automates and scales to support multiple channels, helping you with product creation and listings, purchase order management, shipment notifications, and invoice maintenance on wholesale or drop ship fulfillment solutions.

Your performance on Retailing channels is impacted by the agility of your operations. As a Vendor it can be difficult to manage the product information and ensure its compliance if this is currently done via spreadsheets; it is complicated to keep the inventory quantities across all channels by managing each channel separately and last but not least, it can be time-consuming to manage multiple channels’ orders across many portals.

What we offer


Manage your purchase orders, shipment notifications, stock quantities and invoices with multiple Retailers with ease in one central hub:

  • Receive and interact with all drop ship purchase orders in one place
  • Automatically send updated inventory quantities to your Retailers
  • Have Retailer invoices automatically generated instantly based on each shipment
  • Regardless of how you need to connect – direct to Retailer or via their preferred VAN – you can rely on ChannelAdvisor to help build the integration and support with maintenance
  • Rely on your assigned ChannelAdvisor expert to get you up and running and facilitate the EDI testing

Retailers we support

We have Operations support for the following Retailer Drop Ship programs:

  • Jet Drop Ship US
  • Overstock Drop Ship US
  • Houzz Drop Ship US
  • About You (DE)
  • Wayfair Drop Ship US
  • Amazon Drop Ship US
  • Walmart Drop Ship US
  • Macy’s Drop Ship US
  • Nordstrom Drop Ship US
  • Target Drop Ship US
  • FogDog Drop Ship US
  • Wayfair Drop Ship UK
  • Zulily Drop Ship US
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods Drop Ship US
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond Drop Ship US
  • Hayneedle Drop Ship US
  • QVC Drop Ship US
  • Sam’s Club Drop Ship US
  • Kroger Drop Ship US
  • Home Depot Drop Ship US
  • CoEdition Drop Ship US
  • Bloomingdales Drop Ship US
  • Dillard’s Drop Ship US
  • Neiman Marcus Drop Ship US
  • Wayfair Drop Ship DE
  • Office Depot Drop Ship US (EDI direct)
  • JC Penney Drop Ship
  • Costco Drop Ship US
  • Kohl’s Drop Ship US
  • BestBuy Drop Ship US
  • Advance Auto Parts US
  • Chewy Drop Ship US
  • DSW Drop Ship US
  • Stein Mart Drop Ship US
  • Belk Drop Ship US
  • Carquest Drop Ship US
  • AutoZone Drop Ship US
  • Foot Locker Drop Ship US
  • Pep Boys Drop Ship US
  • HSN Drop Ship US
  • Boscov’s Drop Ship US

Retail Content Management

Retail Content Management provides the ability to create, store and map product content to a Retailer’s product template, reducing time and providing content consistency wherever products are sold. This optional, add-on feature empowers you to:

  • Utilize ChannelAdvisor’s powerful data transformation technology to convert your product content dynamically
  • Ensure product content accuracy across your Retailers by transforming your content into native retail templates.

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Scalability/Scale with Ease

expand and manage your business with ease across multiple Retailers or locales by relying on a reliable solution and a team of experts.

Save Time

Increase capacity to cover more activities or channels by saving time on managing the content, the orders and tracking fulfillment.

Ensure Compliance

Protect your brand equity by providing accurate and compliant data for each Retailer.

Increase Productivity

Automatically generate invoices based on actual shipments and send updated inventory quantities to your Retailers.