Dynamic Shopping Links uses proprietary technology to automatically link to backup products, bundles, or alternate retailers – ensuring the products you are promoting can be purchased by consumers.

The Benefits

create one click path to purchase

  • Increase conversions by turning consumers interacting with your digital campaigns into buyers
  • Create a better consumer experience by removing out-of-stock dead ends
  • Strengthen retailer relationships by providing highly qualified leads
  • Gain valuable insight into customer behavior and retailer performance

How It Works

  • Use a purpose-built interface for the creation of individual product campaigns or save time by creating multiple campaigns in bulk
  • Define the name for each campaign for more granular results tracking
  • Prioritize and rank the order in which alternate retailers, in-stock products and product bundles are used by the digital campaign
  • Shortened URLs for use in your campaigns are automatically generated
  • Consumers are connected seamlessly from your digital campaign to the corresponding product pages on the retailer website; alternatively, you can drive consumers directly to a shopping cart at supported retailers
  • If the first choice product isn’t in stock at the first choice retailer at the time the consumer clicks on the ad, the consumer will be redirected to the next option based on your initial prioritization
  • Once you activate Dynamic Shopping Links, you’ll be able to assess performance data via impressions and click data by product, category, retailer, and campaign. You’ll also understand sales performance and cart-level details at select retailers, determine the percentage of your catalog carried by online retail partners and even compare product pricing trends across various retailers

Dynamic Shopping links screenshot