Distribution Networks

Faster Deliveries Start With An Optimized Distribution Network

If you need a better way to manage your distribution network, you’ve come to the right place. ChannelAdvisor has helped many successful sellers increase sales and speed up deliveries by providing fast, reliable connections to drop shippers and warehouse distribution partners. Our flexible, cloud-based platform offers some of the most advanced features for connecting and communicating with distributors — ones that competing platforms are still trying to figure out.

How It Works

We’ve packed the ChannelAdvisor platform with features, integrations and connections that allow you to fully optimize your distribution network. Use it to:

  • Choose the right vendors. Use automation to select vendors based on cost, location or availability. You can add or changes suppliers at any time.
  • Streamline your data feeds. ChannelAdvisor makes it easy to connect different distributors’ unique data formats including UPC, SKU, MPN, UPN and more.
  • Automate updates. Get access to regularly updated inventory levels and tracking information.

Ready to Optimize Your Distribution Network?

Free yourself from the stress of inventory management and fulfillment with ChannelAdvisor’s advanced connectivity for growing e-commerce companies. Request a demo to learn more.