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Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon is the largest retailer in the world, and its market share is growing at an incredible rate. But as more consumers and sellers flock there, visibility is a growing concern — even for the biggest brands and retailers.

Improve visibility on Amazon by advertising

With more product listings competing for limited space, the battle for Amazon visibility goes far beyond traditional best practices — such as proper product categorization, SEO-friendly titles, testing search terms, optimizing descriptions and more.

Your product could still end up getting pushed deep into the search results (especially for broad search queries).

Find new customers. Protect your brand.

We believe a well managed Amazon advertising strategy is essential for long-term Amazon success. It’s important for reaching new customers, certainly, but it’s equally vital for protecting your brand equity from competitors bidding on your brand terms and cannibalizing your space.

ChannelAdvisor Experience + ChannelAdvisor Technology = Amazon Success

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Industry Experience
Our award-winning experts have spent 16 years in the e-commerce space, helping retailers and brands navigate an evolving online landscape. 


Proven Technology 
We offer best-in-class technology, including platform features such as customizable reporting and automated bid management. 



Advanced Amazon Strategy 
We work exclusively in e-commerce, understand the nuances of both Amazon and digital marketing, and provide proven strategies to boost ROAS and ACoS. 

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