Algorithmic Repricing with Price ManagerWin the buy box and best offer positions. On multiple marketplaces.
While reducing the risk of breaching price policy contracts.

Stay Competitive and Compliant on Nearly 100 Channels With Algorithmic Repricing + Price Manager

You know that most marketplace sales happen in the buy box, best offer and above-the-fold positions, and that winning those top spots requires continually monitoring and adjusting prices. But when it comes to using repricers across multiple marketplaces, consistency is as challenging as it is crucial. The moment a product’s price is lowered on one marketplace but not another is the moment you’ll be in breach of a pricing policies. And the penalty for noncompliance is no joke. Product suppressions, listing removals and account suspensions can lead to significant sales losses as you may have to wait weeks for the marketplace to resolve the issue.

Thankfully, there is a solution. Channel Advisor’s algorithmic repricers come with our newly developed Price Manager technology built in. So you can automate repricing across nearly 100 marketplaces and webstores while reducing the risk of noncompliance.

Algorithmic Repricers with Price Manager

ChannelAdvisor’s algorithmic repricing technology uses real-time analytics to dynamically evaluate and automatically adjust prices based on your desired SKU-level maxes and minimums to secure more sales at the highest margin possible — with far less effort.

Using multiple repricers is not a problem thanks to Price Manager. This feature aligns your competitive prices across channels — think Amazon and eBay as well as Walmart and Jet — so you can reduce your risk of breaching marketplace policies. Your repricers will act independently to come up with the best decision for each marketplace, and then automatically apply the optimized price to all of your supported marketplaces and webstores.

Algorithmic Repricers for Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Jet

Price Manager makes it easy to implement a cross-channel repricing strategy while using our most popular algorithmic repricers.

Algorithmic Repricer for Amazon

ChannelAdvisor’s Algorithmic Repricer for Amazon works to boost Buy Box presence and profits. Our advanced algorithmic repricing technology monitors the competitive landscape of your ASIN to arrive at the highest possible price within the parameters you set. All to ensure you’ll win the Buy Box at the highest possible price, for purchase after profitable purchase.

Algorithmic Repricer for Walmart and

Our GMV-maximizing repricer technology for Walmart will continually adjust pricing until you win the order or your floor price is reached, ensuring greater page positions at better prices.

Algorithmic Repricer for eBay

Every time you gain a top-three placement on eBay, the profitability potential goes up — as does your chance of landing the sale. ChannelAdvisor’s Algorithmic Repricer for eBay helps sellers capture more buyers without sacrificing revenue. Our eBay repricer responds dynamically to marketplace changes while staying within your price parameters so you can attract more eyeballs and maximize ROI.

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