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Unleash Your E-Commerce Potential.

Since 2001, our name has been synonymous with e-commerce growth. Our robust, industry-leading platform enables sellers like you to achieve better results (on more channels), have more control over your inventory (with less work) and see more intelligent data (to make smarter decisions).

How? It’s simple.

Retailers and brands send a single product data feed to the ChannelAdvisor system where it’s transformed and optimized to sync with dozens of marketplaces such as Amazon and Walmart, as well as hundreds of other digital marketing channels such as Google, Facebook and more. Orders and performance information flow back through the ChannelAdvisor system where the results are measured and broken down to help you make better decisions about your e-commerce strategies.


Sell Better. Think Bigger.

As an e-commerce retailer, you want to be able to do it all. You want to list products faster. You want to expand your audience. You want to sell smarter. You want to fulfill orders more efficiently. You want to grow your business.

No problem. We can help you with all of that.

From one platform.

Sell more on Marketplaces

  • List, manage and optimize all your product listings, on over 50 global marketplaces (and counting).
  • Leverage platform tools that are the first—and only—of their kind in the industry.
  • Take comfort knowing we’re months ahead of you, integrating with the newest and greatest marketplaces. So when you’re ready to launch somewhere new, you can.

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Be Seen with Digital Marketing

  • Transform your single data feed to meet the requirements of hundreds of channels.
  • Showcase your products with technology and features built just for managing the complexities of online retail.
  • See how your performance stacks up against the rest of the industry with competitive benchmarking.

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Hire a Team of E-Commerce Experts

  • Combine powerful, industry-leading software with experienced people who know how to get the
    most from it.
  • Manage your account more efficiently with a team that knows what you goals are now and what they should be next month.
  • Tap into the e-commerce expertise of gurus who are incentivized to help you sell more, not spend more.

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Build a Better Online Customer Journey.

As a branded manufacturer, you’re in a unique position when it comes to e-commerce, and you have specialized needs when it comes to sales and marketing. You need to provide your consumers a seamless path to purchase, avoid channel conflict and ensure your brand and product content stays accurate and consistent across all channels.

The true challenge is to convert browsers into buyers.

ChannelAdvisor has these solutions and more.

Do your customers know Where to Buy?

  • Build and strengthen relationships with your channel partners by referring qualified leads directly to their product landing pages or local brick-and-mortar stores
  • Our intelligent system automatically disables links to retailers based on the rules you set
  • Our analytic suite lets you track page impressions, leads, buyer journey, and much more sales and marketing information to help you make informed decisions


Expand Your Product Intelligence

  • Reinforce your brand and product value by ensuring that your retailers are adhering to your content guidelines and using the most up-to-date content for your brand and products on their sites
  • Better understand product coverage and discover gaps in product availability across your distribution network


Do You Sell Direct to Consumers?

Whether you’re just beginning to sell and advertise to online consumers or you’re an experienced, multichannel pro, our solutions can help your products reach more potential buyers and take your brand to new heights.

  • ChannelAdvisor Marketplaces allows you to list, manage and optimize your product listings on dozens of marketplaces around the globe, including Amazon, eBay, Walmart and more.

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  • ChannelAdvisor Digital Marketing gives you hundreds of options to reach new customers. Advertise your products and build your brand through digital marketing channels like Google, Facebook, Instagram and hundreds more.

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After implementing ChannelAdvisor Where to Buy, Power Stop has increased its conversion rates from advertising campaigns by restructuring how consumers purchase the company’s brake pads online.

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