Your Ultimate Guide to Advanced Amazon Advertising

Success on Amazon depends on many factors. You need unique products, dynamic pricing, great reviews and quick fulfillment options, just to name a few.

But one of the most important factors that will determine your long-term Amazon success is simply being seen. Product visibility on Amazon is increasingly difficult, as millions of sellers battle for position on increasingly limited screen space. Leading brands and retailers must use advanced Amazon Advertising strategies to boost visibility and stand out in the crowd.

In this eBook, we will focus on Amazon Advertising and how to capitalize on its growth. We’ll break down some ways to squeeze more ROI from your ad accounts and, ultimately, ensure the hordes of shoppers on Amazon actually see the products you want them to find. You’ll learn:

  • Amazon ad types and best practices for campaign set up
  • Elements of a well-run Amazon Advertising account
  • Granular strategies for success including product targeting, placement bidding and new-to-brand metrics
  • And more!