[Retail TouchPoints] 5 Top E-Commerce Innovations for 2020

E-commerce may have achieved many of the hallmarks of maturity, but in a lot of ways it still behaves like an adolescent: mercurial, intense and designed to keep everyone on their toes.

Even as better technology offers a more seamless experience, rising expectations make sure retailers can never rest on their laurels. Whether it comes to mobile shopping, shorter shipping windows or more cohesive omnichannel offerings, e-commerce still has plenty of growth opportunities ahead.

With this is mind, Retail TouchPoints gathered insight from retail experts, data from industry surveys and information from its own interviews and reporting to identify five major technology and business trends coming up in 2020. This special report covers:

  • Improving theĀ mobile experience
  • The need to deliverĀ insights and content at great speed
  • UsingĀ predictive insights and other tools to enhance delivery
  • EmbracingĀ images as a discovery channel
  • Evolving from omnichannel toĀ unified commerce