[Multichannel Merchant] Amazon Advertising: Protecting Profit Margins in Times of Uncertainty

In the face of fulfillment interruptions, chaotic drops in some categories and soaring demand in others, COVID-19 has caused the ecommerce playbook to be completely rewritten in a matter of weeks. On Amazon in particular, both challenges and opportunities exist — and the landscape is still changing.

Michael Schwartz and Ryan Barker, two top Amazon experts from ChannelAdvisor, have been working with brands, retailers and manufacturers on the front lines of the crisis. They will discuss tips and tactics to implement in this new paradigm, including planning for future shipping disruptions and managing FBA delays.

  • In this webinar you will learn:
  • How to do more with a reduced budget
  • How to seize advertising opportunities
  • How to increase efficiency while still reaching target buyers
  • How to remain engaged with your customers