[eTail] Increase E-Commerce Sales with Seamless CX

Today, if you’re not actively pursuing customer loyalty to capture a competitive advantage as well as retain revenue and grow your business, your competitors certainly are — and you’re falling behind.

To stay current in today’s e-commerce environment, brands and retailers must provide experiences that connect consumers to the ways they want to shop. To do that, brands and retailers must delve deeper into understanding their customers — their preferences in product, their top shopping channels, their favorite times and methods for shopping. And collaboration remains key for brands and retailers as they work together to engage loyal buyers and plug into the power of their consumer-based network.

ChannelAdvisor’s feature Where to Buy helps brands and retailers meet customers where they shop the most, guides them during the purchasing process, and strengthens brands’ relationships with both their customers and their network of retailers.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Discover critical aspects of the customer-organization relationship and incorporate them into your strategies
  • Get to know your customers, including how they engage with your brand and where and when they prefer to shop for your products
  • Learn how, where, and when to measure engagement and get feedback