Holiday-Season Stamina: Preparing for an Extended and Agile Shopping Season

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While holiday shoppers may forego some of their traditions this year, like large group gatherings, they won’t give up on the joys of gift-giving. In an
effort to avoid crowds and potentially risky environments, shoppers will look to the digital shelf as their primary source for holiday gifts. Many shoppers will start the journey digitally to track deals, check in-store inventory, and discover click-and-collect opportunities.

That’s why this season, brands should be prepared to shift their efforts toward digital, if they haven’t done so already — and be ready to pivot fast when shopper data suggests the need for a new direction.

Download this new whitepaper to learn more on how brands should leverage automation when appropriate and keep an eye on the data, because after all, each brand has a holiday number they want to hit in 2020, and it’s not ad spend — it’s revenue.