Get Connected: The 2017 Social Landscape

Valerie Anders, Product Marketing Manager - Digital Marketing, ChannelAdvisor
Amy Lubell, Director of Product Marketing, ChannelAdvisor

When it comes to social media, the only constant is “change.” And 2016 saw many major changes in the way social platforms function, how people interact with them and, most importantly, how sellers now connect with consumers.

Don’t get left behind. Now’s the time to make sure your social strategies are in place for 2017.

Join us in this webinar as we discuss the trends, tactics and strategies that should be on your radar — and your to-do list — to ensure a successful 2017. We’re mapping out the future of social media and you don’t want to miss.

We’ll cover:

– Digital marketing tips for success

– Influential social platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook

– Your top goals this spring

– And more!