Future Proofing Your Digital Marketing Strategy with Retail Media and Social Commerce

Digital Marketing eBook

Seismic shifts from the pandemic and beyond have had a dramatic impact on the retail industry. What began as a need to shop online due to safety precautions evolved into an unprecedented era of e-commerce — and it’s forever changed the way brands promote their products.

Marketers must consider and assess every part of their online advertising strategy with tactics ranging from more intentional Amazon placement to a social media presence that makes an impact. To win, brands must know their audience better than ever through data, engage them with relevant creative and continually adapt to meet their ever-changing needs.

In this eBook, we’ll uncover:

  • Why retail media and social commerce will continue to represent a significant part of the overall digital ad market
  • How to build a future-proof digital marketing strategy for the short, medium and long term
  • Where to double down in retail and social advertising to win against competitors