[Forrester Report] The State Of The US Shopper — COVID-19

As US states begin to ease COVID-19 restrictions, consumers are still tentative about the prospect of visiting reopened retail locations. This report provides an overview of the state of US consumer retail attitudes based on a survey fielded in May 2020. Retailer executives should use this report to consider how to implement strategy, services and technology to meet customers’ changing expectations.

Key Takeaways

Consumers Are Cautious About Returning To Retail Locations

As retail locations begin to reopen, consumers are concerned about them reopening too quickly. Their fears around contracting and spreading the virus have caused a change to in-store behaviors.

Consumers Are Buying More Online And Experimenting With Curbside

To keep up with increased eCommerce demand, retailers are adding additional curbside and omnichannel fulfillment. Shoppers have mixed feelings on curbside pickup.

When The Pandemic Subsides, Some New Shopping Behaviors Are Likely To Stick

The pandemic has had a huge impact on consumers’ existing shopping habits, which may accelerate the changes they make over time. As the pandemic progresses, new habits may stick (most likely those that made their lives easier or better).