[Forrester Report] Create Your Global E-Commerce Road Map

Digital business professionals with a global initiative often understand the opportunity in front of them but may be unsure of how to capitalize on it. This report helps them create a strategic road map for rolling out e-commerce capabilities in new markets by highlighting best practices, as well as the challenges and opportunities e-commerce professionals need to consider when taking their business global.

Here are the key takeaways from this report:

  • Identify opportunities before expanding into new markets: To achieve their global e-commerce vision, digital business executives need a detailed understanding of the landscape of new markets as well as their company’s own internal capabilities and limitations.
  • Determine which approach best suits your business: There are several approaches to e-commerce globalization. Digital business professionals must take stock of their budget and goals to pick the globalization approach that suits their needs and meets local market conditions.
  • Prioritize certain elements of localization: Localization is a key element of any global initiative, but few digital business professionals have the resources to localize 100% of their content in a new market. Prioritizing a handful of site features — customer service and payments, for example — can go a long way in driving in-country sales.

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