Food for Thought: 2017 E-Commerce Trends Impacting Online Grocery Sales

Mike Shapaker, Vice President - Product Management, ChannelAdvisor

E-commerce has been upending many industries over the last 20 years, and grocery brands are far from immune to these forces.

And now, with online grocery shopping set to surge — US sales could grow five-fold by 2025 — there’s a lot to be gained within the coming decade.

Or lose, depending on how you approach the latest consumer trends. With technology innovations rapidly transforming the way people shop, even the biggest e-commerce players can struggle to keep pace.

ChannelAdvisor is here to help. We’ve identified key insights grocery brands and distributors will need to remain competitive in fast-growing online markets.

Join Mike Shapaker, ChannelAdvisor’s Vice President of Product Management, in this on-demand webinar for the latest updates:

Current trends shaping the future of e-commerce for grocery players
Which e-commerce opportunities to pursue now
What threats to avoid