eBay Guaranteed Delivery: Sell More, Faster

Alison Held - Product Manager - ChannelAdvisor
Greg Ross-Smith - Sr. Product Marketing Manager - Delivery Experience eBay

Recently, eBay announced Guaranteed Delivery, a feature coming this summer that enables eBay consumers to easily search for items guaranteed to arrive in 3 days or less. Watch this on-demand webinar with eBay and ChannelAdvisor to learn more about eBay Guaranteed Delivery and the two guarantee options eBay will offer sellers to fit their business operations.

Not selling on eBay? Don’t miss out! With 169 million active buyers and 15 million daily visitors in the US, a lot of opportunity exists in that marketplace — especially if you have the right tools to navigate it.

During this webinar you’ll learn about:

  • eBay Guaranteed Delivery
  • eBay Selling Opportunity