ChannelAdvisor Benchmarking

Do you know what channels are best for products like yours? Do you know how your impression share by device stacks up? Or how your conversion rate compares to that of other advertisers?

You have loads of data on how your business is doing — spreadsheets, reports, dashboards and more — but how do you use it to make decisions? Do you know the whole picture? Until you do, “big data” is just an empty buzzword.

ChannelAdvisor Benchmarking is an industry-first suite of customizable dashboards that gives you unparalleled insight into how your performance compares with that of other retailers and branded manufacturers. Leverage the power of the $8.1 billion in transaction volume in the ChannelAdvisor platform (now THAT’S Big Data) to make informed decisions about your business. That’s data from nearly 3,000 retailers and brands. Our algorithm examines the listing details of those companies and produces a view of the e-commerce landscape that’s most relevant to your products and brands.