ChannelAdvisor Announces the Acquisition of HubLogix

Christian Hassold, Head of Strategy - Fulfillment Network, ChannelAdvisor

For many e-commerce sellers, fulfillment is the next major e-commerce battlefield.

Optimized fulfillment strategies help modern retailers and brands effectively manage shipping costs, bridge the online and offline experience for consumers and, ultimately, scale their online strategies.

ChannelAdvisor is proud to announce the acquisition of HubLogix, now known as ChannelAdvisor Fulfillment, which brings fulfillment automation to the ChannelAdvisor platform — led by a talented team of distribution, fulfillment and supply chain domain experts.

Join us for an informative, on-demand webinar, as we outline this new integration, our unified approach to fulfillment and the many exciting opportunities available for retailers and brands in the months and years to come.