Boosting Sales with Amazon Advertising: A Conversation with Nordic Naturals

A desire to share the power of pure, fresh omega-3 nutrients and a commitment to the highest standards for health inspired the origin of Nordic Naturals. As the company began to grow its presence on the Amazon marketplace, the need to gather and act on intelligent data while remaining agile in the turbulent world of e-commerce came into sharp focus. 

ChannelAdvisor’s Vice President of Digital Marketing Strategy Link Walls will interview James Gossling, director of e-commerce at Nordic Naturals, and Robert Row, digital marketing and analytics manager at Nordic Naturals, to find out how the company doubled their monthly GMV in the first six months of working with ChannelAdvisor. Listen in to discover: 

  • How automation helped double ad spend and sales while increasing efficiency (lower ACos / higher ROAS)
  • What decisions on Amazon Advertising yielded the most significant ROI 
  • How Nordic Naturals managed its supply chain through the plastics shortage after winter storm Yuri
  • Which Amazon Advertising strategies worked — and which didn’t
  • How Nordic Naturals harnessed the power of data to set and achieve goals

Hear more about Nordic Naturals’ marketplace journey, from launch to success, and glean tips to apply to your Amazon Advertising approach today.