A 2019 eTail Special Report: Campaign Intelligence

How retail marketers use customer-focused ID management to increase satisfaction and profitability

Advanced personalization and ID management technologies are enabling retailers to pinpoint who their best customers are, then tailor marketing opportunities for them in more innovative ways. Using ‘campaign intelligence,’ marketers can establish a cohesive customer identity across digital and physical environments. This enables them to proactively engage customers—with greater relevancy, better product recommendations, more engaging content, and other advantages.

In this eTail 2019 survey of retail professionals, respondents claim they are already specially designing products for customers with unique lifestyles; enhancing experiences for specific customer age groups; and providing targeted incentives that align with customers’ formal associations, among other methods.

Still, retailers can build this foundation only with insights from unique data collection methods and analyses. This report highlights this “offensive strategy of data” and how the resurfacing of customer-focused ID management helps retailers increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and profitability.

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