2017 Marketplaces Guide: Industry Updates, Competitive Pricing & Expansion Plans

Barbara Riccardi, Client Strategy Manager, ChannelAdvisor

With more sellers and consumers flocking to marketplaces every day, competition has never been tougher. And between optimizing listings, managing errors and fulfilling orders, you barely have enough time to analyze the performance of your products or consider which marketplace you should expand to next.

Start 2017 off the right way by making sure your strategies are in place to optimize marketplace performance this year and the years to come.

Join us for this webinar as Barbara Riccardi, client strategy manager for marketplaces at ChannelAdvisor, walks you through the various marketplace updates that happened 2016, how to stand out on increasingly competitive marketplaces and what strategies should be on your roadmap for 2017.

Whether you’re expanding to new marketplaces or just trying to be more competitive on the marketplaces you’re selling on at the moment, this is one webinar you won’t want to miss. You’ll walk away knowing:

  • The top marketplace features of 2017
  • What makes a brand successful on marketplaces
  • How pricing can impact your overall performance
  • Which new marketplaces you should consider
  • And more!