If you want to stand out on Google, Facebook, and other advertising channels, you need high quality product content. The better your product content is structured, the more likely your products are to rise to the top of search results and drive more purchases. The problem? Each merchandising, marketing, and advertising endpoint has its own specifications for product data and those requirements change constantly. It is difficult for most IT departments to keep up.

ChannelAdvisor Product Feed Management ensures your product data is optimized, mapped correctly, and delivered across a wide variety of e-commerce and advertising channels, as well as custom destinations that you define. We can help your data reach more destinations, faster, and in the correct format.


  • Reduce the workload on your internal teams by managing just one product data stream and easily transforming that data into the unique formats required by each destination
  • Maximize your visibility, ROAS, and sales by optimizing product content for each merchandising, marketing, and advertising endpoint
  • Prevent performance impacts by quickly identifying and fixing errors in product data
  • Adapt rapidly to the changing partner requirements by easily adjusting templates
  • Reach more destinations, faster, with your product data

Two of every three clicks ChannelAdvisor sees on Google are feed-generated Product Listing Ads. And the companies that syndicate quality product content are winning those prime placements.

How it works

Actionable Insights on the ChannelAdvisor platform
  • Integrate product data one time with ChannelAdvisor
  • Select one of many pre-built product data feed templates for destinations including comparison shopping engines, social commerce sites, retargeting providers, review sites, affiliate programs, personalization programs, and more
  • Or, create your own custom template for endpoints of your choosing
  • Use advanced filters to customize the product catalog data delivered to each destination
  • Map data fields and apply powerful business rules to transform and optimize content per the requirements of each destination
  • Configure delivery formats and schedules
  • Monitor feed performance and quickly make adjustments as necessary

ChannelAdvisor sends approximately 22,000 feeds representing about 2 billion product updates every day.

Actionable Insights

  • Review current and historical feed delivery performance
  • Assess the eligible product catalog data, the number of items sent and the products that are filtered out of feeds by destination
  • Understand errors so that they can be quickly addressed
  • Download historical files, if necessary
Actionable Insights on the ChannelAdvisor platform

Our professional services team manages this entire process on behalf of leading global retailers and brands and can do this for you.

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