Price Products Based on Sales DemandWith ChannelAdvisor Performance-Based Pricing

With ChannelAdvisor’s performance-based pricing, it’s easy to keep product prices dynamic based on recent sales trends. If sales dip, so can the price. When orders occur with more frequency, you can set your account to once again raise the cost of that item.

Once set up, your performance-based pricing will eliminate the need to manually monitor inventory levels or scour sites for sales velocity data. Create your desired business rules, and pricing will be automatically adjusted for you — and not just on one channel, but across numerous marketplaces and webstores.

Once you’ve set your marketplace and webstore listings to be automatically adjusted according to current sales performance, you’ll have the assurance that your flexible prices will nearly always be right. It means spending less on storage fees for underperforming products and earning more for top-performing SKUs.

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