You can advertise this quantity on any ChannelAdvisor-supported channel and share that quantity across channels to gain maximum exposure for your products. When orders come in, ChannelAdvisor will route the order fulfillment request to Amazon FBA fulfillment warehouse where the order will be picked, packed and shipped with shipping and tracking information sent back to the sales channel for the ultimate buyer.

Fulfillment paths

Multi-Channel Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Program Features

  • ChannelAdvisor auto-detects FBA quantity directly from Amazon.
  • List quantity is held in FBA on any ChannelAdvisor-supported channel and orders are fulfilled via Amazon’s FBA.
  • Choose which channels to enable for Multi-Channel FBA fulfillment.
  • Prioritize your distribution centers for fulfillment on each channel, including Multi-Channel FBA.
  • When a purchase occurs on a channel, ChannelAdvisor will communicate the order to Amazon FBA for fulfillment processing.
    • ChannelAdvisor sends the original marketplace order ID to Amazon when making the fulfillment request.
  • The feature supports ChannelAdvisor-managed channels and those orders received via the ChannelAdvisor Orders API and/or orders added directly through the ChannelAdvisor user interface.
    • If you have a channel outside ChannelAdvisor, such as your own webstore, you can use Multi-Channel FBA, whether you are providing orders to ChannelAdvisor with the Orders API or adding them directly.
  • Amazon FBA will pick, pack and ship the order while returning shipping & tracking information back to ChannelAdvisor and the sales channel.
  • Amazon uses a variety of different shipping services to meet or exceed the desired shipping speed. Shipping speeds include standard (3-5 days), expedited (2 business days) or priority (1 business day).
  • Use Multi-Channel FBA exclusively to fulfill orders on other channels while not listing on
  • If Amazon refuses a fulfillment (for lack of quantity or other reason), you will be notified and given the option to retry, cancel the request or change the distribution center to your seller-managed distribution center.

Tasks to Complete

To set up the Multi-Channel FBA feature you must sign up for FBA on Amazon, activate Multi-Channel Fulfilment and then perform some set up in ChannelAdvisor.

  • List products for FBA
  • Enable your FBA distribution center for non-Amazon channels
  • View multi-channel orders in all sales