Local Inventory Ads for GoogleOptimize Online Product Content to Increase In-Store Sales

Local Inventory Ads Overview

Local inventory ads for Google give you the ability to show local shoppers in-store product availability for the items they’re looking for at the moment they search on Google. Shoppers are more likely to visit a store when they can check on the availability before heading to the retailer — making it crucial you are visible to shoppers online at the right time they are ready to shop in-store.

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Local Inventory Ads allow you to:

  • Optimize product content with local product data
  • Increase offline sales through advertising
  • Gain strategic guidance from ChannelAdvisor experts

How It Works

With ChannelAdvisor’s Product Content Optimization, Local Inventory Ads can be managed and optimized for Google. Along with data optimization, ChannelAdvisor’s team of experts also work to develop strategies around local inventory advertising across multiple touch points. By leveraging the technology to drive efficiencies, you are able to easily display product availability to potential buyers who are searching nearby for the products you or your retailers sell.

ChannelAdvisor industry experts help you succeed by leveraging technology to execute a local strategy on Google.

In Summary

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