Simplify your inventory management. 

Launch, track and automate your inventory quantity, prices and product data across global marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart and more from one central platform, eliminating duplicate product data and preventing potential overselling scenarios.

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Increase efficiency and improve content accuracy.

ChannelAdvisor helps you automate inventory management in the same platform you monitor all your e-commerce data and processes. We help you save time and reduce complexity with features to:

  • Save time and reduce complexity by managing and updating your product catalog from a centralized interface
  • Avoid overselling by syncing inventory quantity across all of your selling channels
  • Supplement or improve product data, optimizing for the unique requirements of each marketplace

Manage inventory efficiently
Prevent overselling and customer satisfaction issues through automatic synchronization of current inventory levels

Optimize product data
Comply with marketplace data requirements, and ensure consistency across channels through powerful data transformation tools

Save time and reduce complexity
Manage and update your product catalog from a centralized interface

Scale selling efforts with ease
Improve efficiency as your catalog, channels and consumer demand grows

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