Ignite Sales with Google ShoppingPaired with Unmatched Expertise from ChannelAdvisor

Google Shopping Overview

Advertising with Google Shopping can expand your reach to new buyers, but it can also be challenging. If you’re like most retailers and brands, you’ve probably found yourself guessing about the best approach at times.

Which product images and keywords will influence the right buyers and generate the most clicks? Is my bidding strategy costing me money without delivering results? Are my campaigns structured efficiently? Am I prepared for what might come next?

Stop guessing and find the answers you need.

ChannelAdvisor’s platform support for Google Shopping coupled with our Digital Marketing Services team removes the guesswork. Our platform is specifically tailored for retailers and brands, offering in-depth automation, mobile optimization, channel synchronization and SKU-level reporting and analysis. The Services team drives efficiencies in managing campaigns, working closely with clients and with Google as a premier partner to develop and execute long-term strategies to meet your specific business objectives. Our experts ensure that you avoid learning-curve mistakes and costly rework, so you can rest assured that you’re on the right track every step of the way.

Prefer the PDF version? Download the Google Shopping Overview here.

What You Can Expect from ChannelAdvisor Digital Shopping

  • Influence industry trends — don’t just react to them
  • Work with certified experts to create and execute a strategic advertising plan
  • Manage and automate marketing programs from a single platform
  • Review comprehensive analytics and suggestions for improvement
  • Understand how individual SKUs perform across multiple devices
  • Optimize your product data to improve findability, visibility and traffic quality
  • Discover revenue-increasing opportunities and manage costs
  • Customize your listings and ads for different devices
  • Track buyer behavior to better understand the clicks that lead to conversions
  • Compare your performance to your competitors

Google Shopping
ChannelAdvisor has combined the power of its industry-leading feed-management software with reporting and optimization tools specific to Google Shopping. As a result, you’ll get a holistic offering that provides a unified platform for managing and optimizing your Product Listing Ads (PLAs) on this increasingly important and highly visible digital marketing channel.

Features and Benefits

  • Digital Marketing Benchmarking: Benchmark your ROAS, CPC, conversion rate and impression by device against your competitors.
  • Cross-Channel Advertising Dashboard: Gives you an enhanced, full overview of your campaigns, including visibility into feed-delivery statistics, product group performance and overall effectiveness across channels like paid search and comparison shopping engines.
  • Product Image A/B Tester: Allows you to perform A/B tests on your images to make sure you’re using only the best-performing ones.
  • Performance and Product-Level Reporting: Displays the overall performance of your Google PLAs, including traffic, assists, revenue, cost and orders. You can also drill down into individual product performance within a product group or across all product groups.
  • Automated Bid Management: Automatically adjusts product group bids based on your goals and past ad performance.
  • Mobile and Seasonal Bid Adjustment: Allows you to bid differently depending on device, seasonality and holiday promotions.
  • Data-Feed Transformation: Leverages the industry’s leading feed-management technology to offer advanced data-feed translations. With our business rules, lookup lists and templates, you’ll be able to automate instead of waiting in the IT queue.
  • Integrated Merchant Promotions: Provides one workflow for creating Merchant Promotions, assigning inventory and sending your feed to Google, all within the ChannelAdvisor platform.
  • Google AdWords RLSA Support: Adjust PPC bid amounts, ad copy and keywords based on the previous activity of past visitors to your website.