Getting Started with Amazon A+ ContentIdeas and inspiration for products pages that increase traffic and boost sales

Amazon First-Party Sellers

Are you creating Amazon A+ Content? If not, you definitely should be.

A+ Content is an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand and give consumers a more sophisticated shopping experience. This exclusive feature is one of the most effective ways to increase traffic, boost sales and cross-promote products.

Use this quick-start guide to ensure you’ll get as much as possible out of your enhanced product content.

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Amazon A+ Content FAQs

A+ Content is Amazon’s way of letting vendors enhance product descriptions and page details. It includes a variety of content options including high definition videos, enhanced images, comparison charts, robust FAQs and more.

Consumers will see your A+ content below the fold on the product detail page. It appears under the title “From the Manufacturer.”

Once a paid option, adding Amazon A+ Content to listings is now free and unlimited for all vendors. The feature is available to:

  • Sellers who have been approved as brand owners through the Amazon Brand Registry program
  • Emerging brand owners who are part of managed selling programs such as Amazon Launchpad

Adding A+ Content to listings will allow you to better convey the value of your products and help customers make faster, more informed buying decisions. Using this feature to enhance listings can go a long way in providing a better buyer experience and increasing customer engagement. According to Amazon, A+ Content has been shown to boost sales anywhere from 3% to 10%.

A+ Content Vs. Premium A+ Content: What’s the Difference?

It’s important to note that Amazon’s free A+ Content is not the same as Premium A+ Content, also known as A++ Content. The latter is an invite-only option that involves a fee and gives brands access to even more modules, such as interactive images, slider galleries and video loops. While A++ Content can be a great option for very large brands and feature-heavy products, A+ Content works well for the majority of ASINs.

Getting Started with Amazon A+ Content

When first starting out with A+ Content, begin by manually selecting which products you want to enhance. While all ASINs can benefit from A+ Content, you’ll want to be sure the time and resources you put into creating extra content are likely to result in higher sales and revenue.

If you’re having a hard time selecting ASINs, some excellent candidates for A+ Content include:

  • Top-selling products
  • Products that tell a strong brand story
  • Products that tend to sell at premium prices
  • Products you’re already driving traffic to through seasonal promotions

You’ll have two options to choose from: Self-Service or the Amazon Builds for You module.

The Amazon specialists at ChannelAdvisor recommend using the Self-Service option, which lets you use up to five different design modules per product page. Play around with the different modules to figure out what will work best for the specific product.

Some best practices can help ensure your A+ Content captures consumers’ attention:

  • Make it easy to skim. Use compelling subheads to address important product features, and short paragraphs that make it easy for shoppers to understand at a glance what they’ll gain from buying.
  • Combine text and images. When describing a key feature or selling point, accompany that text with a relevant image. It’s much easier to make a buying decision when consumers can both see and read about your products.
  • Turn to reviews. Do your customers regularly rave about a particular feature? Is there something specific that leads them to repeat purchases? Highlight those in your A+ content!
  • Keep content product-focused. Amazon A+ content is not the place to make subjective claims that your product is “the best” or “most popular.” And while it’s a good practice to research reviews for content ideas, quoting third parties is not allowed.

Ideas and Inspiration

Seven in 10 shoppers want to learn about products through content instead of ads. Amazon A+ content makes it easy for you to provide the inspiration people need to feel confident about a purchase.

For example, you can use A+ Content to:

  • Showcase specialty features in action
  • Provide tips for getting more out of your product
  • Tell the story behind your products

With more than half of all online shoppers starting their product searches on Amazon, optimizing product detail pages on the marketplace giant should be a key focus for every vendor. Adding A+ Content to listings will provide a better buyer experience, increase customer engagement and ultimately serve to increase sales.